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I offer translation and editing/proofreading services for a variety of industries and sectors including the medical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries, as well as disciplines such as chemistry, engineering and aviation.

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Language Pairs

What languages do I translate? Well, there are quite a few…

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Who and what is LNF Translations?

LNF Translations is me, myself and I.

I am the sole proprietor and all language services are provided by me. I do not subcontract or farm out projects.

2017 marks my 14th year as freelance translator, my 17th year working in the translation industry and my 19th year working as a language professional (I was a legal proofreader before I realized my dream of working with foreign languages).

I strive to produce transparent translations, ones that read as though they were written by a native English speaker, and not translated from some other language. My years of experience working as a proofreader, project manager and in-house translator allowed me to understand the industry inside and out, at all levels.

The result? I understand how translation bureaus work, and what they want. I also know what a good translation is, and how to produce one…